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Rosy Rae

Hi all, I’m Rosy Rae
My foster mom say’s that it is time for me to do something that all of the dogs that are looking for furever homes have to do.  I have to tell you about myself and my story of how I ended up here.  It’s a bit depressing, and scary, I don’t like to think about it.  But it does have a good side, I get to sit here in this comfy chair, and just tell mom what I want to say, she does all the work.  And it is time I get to spend one on one with her, I love that.
I never had enough to eat and drink, I wasn’t treated kindly.  My original owner had us (there was another Boxer with me, I think she might have been my sister) in a parking lot and was trying to sell us.  That’s where this very nice lady named Aimee comes in, she saw the man in the parking lot trying to sell us.  When she saw what we looked like she was steaming mad at him and she took us away from him right then and there!  We had to stay in her garage but we got plenty to eat and drink, and then she called the good folks at GOBR to help us.
The first thing that happened when I got into GOBR was I met this really nice lady, she said she was going to be my foster mom and that I was going to go home to live with her until GOBR could find me my very own “furever” family.  But before going home we needed to stop at a place called a veterinarians office.  I should mention the veterinarians and their staff that helped me, well I guess you can say that, but it sure hurt while I was there.  You see, there was something wrong with my knees, they say it was ACL damage like the famous football players on TV get.  Those knees really hurt too!  So I guess the surgery was a good thing, I am feeling so much better now, and it continues to get better every day.  I still have to stay in my crate a lot, it’s a good thing I like it there.  I really didn’t want to go in at first (they think I had to spend a lot of time there where I used to live.) But once I found out I could get out on a regular basis and don’t have to potty in there, I’m fine with that.
Life is looking good now.  Since my surgery mom helps me do exercises for my knees.  She says in 3 or 4 weeks, my knees should be better so I won’t have to do the exercises and I can stay out of the crate more. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I like spending that time with mom.  I’m also not allowed to go outside without my mom on a leash, she says it’s because of my knees, but I think she’s just afraid to go out there without me.  Knees, peas, bees, that’s enough about that subject.
I really like it here. I get two meals a day, and I get to eat in my very own crate. That makes me feel safe and I know that the food is all mine. I would love to be a self feeder, but my foster mom say’s that’s a no-no since I probobly wouldn’t stop eating until the bowl is empty.  My foster mom say’s that I am well behaved. I am pretty good on a leash, I have not been trained to “heel”, but I do know “sit”, and I always come when I am called.  I am very good about not having potty accidents in the house. I am a little vocal, I like to let you know any time that there is anything out of the norm going on outside.  I do get along with my foster brothers and sisters, but I would really love to be an only furkid.
If you think that I might be the next “Rae” of sunshine in your life just click on the button and fill out the application to adopt.  And remember to mention my name Rosy Rae, and let me brighten your life.