GO Boxer Rescue

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GO BOXER RESCUE, Inc. (GOBR), serving Greater Ohio, has a network of Volunteers who serve as Foster Families to our Rescue Boxers and/or help in other ways such as transportation, files and records maintenance, doing home visits with Potential Adopters, fund raising efforts, as well as helping in our efforts to educate and help owners be able to keep their pets, educating the public as to what a Boxer is and in Responsible Pet Ownership, as well as other activities and events such as our Boxer Bashes, Meet and Greets, and adoptathons.

We would love to have your help! Some of the volunteer tasks we have available are:

*Foster Family

*Application Processing

*Home Visits



*Fund-raising and/or Public Relations

*Assist with maintaining the GOBR website


GOBR’s foster families take rescued Boxers into their homes and treat them as their own prior to the Boxer being placed in it’s “forever home”.

Foster families use their own funds to purchase dog food and any other supplies required. Those supplies include, but are not limited to, bowls, treats, curry brush, shampoo, collar, leash, crate and toys.

Foster families will make and keep veterinarian appointments as required by GOBR. It is recommended that you contact the vets in your area and ask if they are willing to bill GOBR directly. If you are unable to find a vet that will participate in direct billing you will have to pay for the veterinary care and be reimbursed by GOBR. Please note: A copy of the bill is required for reimbursement.

To aid in the adoption of your foster Boxer we ask that you send weekly updates to the GOBR mailing list. Helpful information includes any behavioral and/or training problems you observe as well as the positive traits possessed by your foster Boxer. We also ask that you send photos of your Boxer for use on both our website and PetFinders.

This is an indefinite 24 hour a day position.


GOBR completes reference checks as part of the application process. Applicant’s veterinarian’s are contacted as well as any persons listed as personal references. Once these calls are completed, forms are filled out and sent to the Application Chairperson. Depending on the number of applications received this can take from 30 minutes to an hour a day.


The final step in the application process is the home visit. A GOBR volunteer visits the applicant’s home and ensures that the applicant provided truthful information regarding the household on the application. The home visit is a crucial step in the process and any comments/concerns from the volunteer are taken very seriously. After the home visit is complete a form is filled out and sent to the Application Chairperson. Home visits are scheduled at the convenience of the volunteer. This position can take anywhere between 1 to 5 hours per week.


GOBR, and other rescue groups, often transport dogs from shelters or surrendering owners to foster families due to the inability of the foster family to travel. Many times there are several “legs” of a transport and if you are able to fill one or more of those “legs” you can contact the Coordinator to work out the details. You may be asked to house the dog(s) overnight. This is strictly voluntary and if you are unable to do so another volunteer may be asked to fill that “leg”.


GOBR needs volunteers to set up and man tables at various events throughout Ohio, known as Meet-n-Greets. Area businesses sometimes allow tables to be set-up, inside or out, from which rescue groups can hand out materials informing the public of their activities. Often times, foster dogs are welcome at these events. We ask that you contact any kennel clubs, pet stores. etc. in your area to inquire as to the possibility of holding a Meet-n-Greet at their establishment. These events are a great opportunity for fund-raising!

There are many other non-specific opportunities available to you as a volunteer with GOBR! Please take the time to fill out an application in it’s entirety as incomplete applications cannot be processed. The application will ask you for two (2) personal references. These references cannot be: your veterinarian, any family member or any member of your household.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with GOBR and we look forward to you becoming a part of our family!