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Meet Our Mascot

      My name is Tanker Wayne Osborn, and I am a handsome white Boxer. My Human Mom and Dad said I should tell you about white Boxers, so you will understand us a little better.

     First of all, there are many myths about us white Boxers.

     We are not the least bit rare. In fact, about 20% of all baby Boxers are white.

     Some of us are born deaf, but only about 12 percent of us white babies. The rest of us can hear just fine including me! Those of us who are deaf can be taught “sign language” similar to what deaf or hearing impaired humans use to communicate.

     We are not prone to more health problems than our fawn and brindle siblings because of our color. Because our skin color doesn’t affect our health, we can live just as long as dark-colored Boxers. Our light-colored skin is more sensitive and will burn more easily, so we have to watch how long we are outside in the sunlight.

     And now, here are some facts about white Boxers:

     * We can be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)             but the American Boxer Club (ABC), who provides the AKC             with the breed standard for Boxers, does not currently allow           its members to register whites with the AKC. At AKC shows,           we can only compete in performance areas such as agility and         obedience. Even Boxers, white or colored, not registered with         the AKC can compete in these types of trials by obtaining                 what is called an ILP from the AKC.

    * In the past some breeders required that a contract be signed          prior to breeding stating that any white puppies will be                    destroyed at birth. The good news is that some of these                  horrible practices are changing. Many reputable breeders now          place their white puppies in great homes or their white puppies        may go to rescue organizations to find their great homes.                These babies are the lucky ones because they find happy                forever homes.

    * We make great companions and are very smart just like our            fawn and brindle brothers and sisters. I am really smart, too.          Sorry Mom, I know you told me not to brag.

     I hope you have learned something about white Boxers and understand us a little better now. It was fun talking to all of you!

**Coming soon: other articles and links to web sites that will give you even more great information about us White Boxers!

     Please keep checking back with me because I will be writing more later!

            Boxer Wiggles and Slurps!

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