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Pet of the Month ~ Opal

I am Opal, I’m about 6
years old and this is  my story…

My previous owner took me to an animal shelter. He told them I was always fighting with his other dog, but that’s not true. I had to defend myself. You see, we didn’t have enough to eat and I was extra hungry because I was pregnant again!

A kind lady that visited me at the shelter knew just what to do and called GOBR, but I lost my puppies before I even left the shelter. This made me very sick. I was so happy when I got to my foster home. I got to rest and recover. I slept for most of a week and I got plenty to eat!

The other dogs here told me that I was lucky to have GOBR in my corner. They were right, there’s no need to fight to survive here. I love my foster mom and the other dogs are my friends. Now that I get enough to eat, I don’t even care if they take some of my food. My foster mom says to tell you that I’ve never fought with any other dogs since she’s known me. Just the opposite, I give them plenty of kisses and wash their faces and ears. You know, all those places they can’t reach to do it themselves.

After I healed, my mom noticed that while I acted happy, I never wagged my tail. She wanted to show me how easy it was and tried to wiggle it for me. To her surprise, she found my tail was stuck. She took me to the vet and had them take some pictures of my insides. They found that I have arthritis in my spine and it’s nearly all fused together. It really doesn’t bother me much. I can still do the important stuff like jumping onto the bed.

I am so darn happy to be a GOBR boxer. I get to go places and meet people. My foster mom doesn’t have any little kids, but I get to be with them when I go to GOBR events. I love them!

I enjoy it when my mom takes me for little walks, I get to check out the neighborhood news. She doesn’t mind taking me cause I walk very nicely with her and don’t try to pull her.

As great as it has been here with my foster mom, I’m still searching for my forever family. Do you a soft place for me to sleep and food for me to eat? I have lots of love and wiggles to give you in return. Please go to the Apply to Adopt page and fill out an application and be sure to mention me.