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Dear Tanker

     Hello, I’m Tanker. Welcome to my section of the Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue, Inc. website. I’ll be bringing you helpful stories, training tips, health information, and other boxer information. You will also find links to other sources here.

     “Dear Tanker” is your place on the Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue, Inc. (GOBR) web site to ask me question regarding Boxer health, training, nutrition, and basically anything Boxerly. Sometimes I will consult with one or more of my Boxer buddies, or others we consider to be in the know on a particular topic, in order to provide you with the best answers to your questions that I can.

     Not being one to reinvent the wheel, I will at times give you links to other web sites/pages with great information on whatever your question is about, in my answer to your question. We do ask that you refer any health emergency questions to your veterinarian, as we are Boxers and by no means are we medical experts. If your veterinarian office is closed, and you are unable to reach them, please consult your phone book or call directory assistance to see if there is an emergency vet clinic near you. If you cannot locate a veterinarian one of these ways, you may want to call your local police or sheriff’s department to help you locate the closest open vet clinic or a vet that accepts emergency after-hours patients.

     Remember, the answers I will be giving to your questions will be based on our life experiences and information gleamed from others, so they may not be the most current or leading edge answers. My opinions on any subject are just that, “my” opinions, and may vary widely from anyone else’s opinions on the same subject, be it the most fun Boxer toy, the best type of premium kibble, and so on. That doesn’t mean that either opinion is totally right, or totally wrong. Many questions might have two or more equally valid answers, yet totally different from each other. Plus, what works for one Boxer regarding a certain issue or topic, might not work for another Boxer in the same situation.

     Since my buddies and I are usually pretty busy helping out around GOBR, it may take us a little time to answer some of your questions; but we will try to answer within one week. I’ve talked to the web master here and she says we will do our absolute best to update the questions and answers (Q & A) page once a week. Below you will find a form you may fill out and send to me by clicking the “submit” button when you are satisfied with the wording of your question to me. Please only click the submit button once. If for any reason clicking the submit button does not work properly, as we all know that cyber space sometimes just don’t act the way it should, you can send your question to me, Tanker, by clicking here to send me an e-mail.

Boxer Hugs, Wiggles and Slurpy Thanks!