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My name is Herman and my foster mom asked me to tell my story since the time I wound up at the shelter as a stray until today. I want to start by warning you that some of the pictures may be a bit graphic. I just went through major surgery, and although I’m not feeling that great, I get better each day. I was in a shelter in Montgomery County where they were very good to me and worked very hard to bring me together with GO Boxer Rescue. The time was short but it seemed like years until my foster parents brought me home on November 28, 2015 and named me Herman I was introduced to my doggy foster siblings Heidi and Hanz. Heidi told me that I was going to a great home. She then told me that both her and Hanz were adopted from GO Boxer Rescue (GOBR) and that I was being removed from the shelter by GOBR. Once I got home, I quickly learned to use the doggie door and find my food and water bowl; you see I can’t see and my hearing isn’t so great either, but my sense of smell is awesome! I’m about eight or nine years young. Everyone who’s met me so far has said the same thing; that I’m a very sweet guy! Of course I already knew that.

After coming home and having a wonderful bath and settling in, I went to see the veterinarian. He told me I had a “puffy butt” and we found out that I had an enlarged prostate and bilateral perineal hernias. Basically, my anal muscles were herniated which is caused by not being neutered. I can tell you that one of my problems is that I dribble pee a lot. I don’t really know that I’m doing it, it just happens. I was told that it is because I’m not neutered; there it is again, the hernias, and the enlarged prostate. I also had tapeworms in my poop. Some of the issues I may also have that tests have been run on but not yet received are; thyroid, cancer, and something called DM, which affects my rear legs. I’m sure hoping those little growths I had on my anal gland and on one of my jewels; by the way, I now know what neutering means, come back negative!

My first month with my new foster family really flew by and my doggy sister Heidi was right, it most certainly is a great home! My foster family found out that I really enjoy eating and sleeping, but that I am also quite the lover boy. I really like to give gentle little kisses and put my head on their laps. A month after moving in with my foster parents I went to have surgery, which was long and really rough! Partway into the surgery my heart started acting all jumpy like. They told me it’s called arrhythmia. The surgeons and staff were really worried I wasn’t going to make it through the surgeries since it was so bad. I was under anesthesia for 5 hours! Let me tell you I was one worn out and hurting puppy. Talk about going through some major stuff. I had some of my parts on the inside tacked up to a wall in my body so that the hernias could be repaired and supported. I had my anal gland removed and they pulled my jewels out of their bag! I also had that growth removed that was on the inside of my right, rear leg. I had a catheter for going potty and after a long time at the vet’s office, I finally got to go back to my foster home. My foster mom and dad nurse me and dote on me, I am leaking both #1 and #2 when I sleep, but my mom cleans me up because she knows I can’t help it. My foster mom does laundry all day and sleeps near me to keep an eye on me. Even my foster sister and brother check on me.

So as you can see, GOBR has given me the second chance that I never would have had if my new foster family had not come and sprung me from my jail cell. I am so grateful to everyone that has been involved in my second life. My foster mom told me that it was the shelter that called Rachel of GOBR and got the ball rolling on my freedom; so I guess they are not all that bad after all. I do know though that being a “project” dog has cost a whole lot of money and that GOBR could really use some help paying off my vet bills. Those surgeries I had were quite invasive and very expensive. Add all of the surgery related bills to those for the blood work, stool test and tapeworm treatment, the DM and biopsy tests, plus my heart monitoring test that I need; I’m guessing my bill will be around $3000 or more. Please consider making a donation to help pay off my medical expenses. Any amount will help. Thank you for reading my story, and please feel free to share it and tell all your friends.

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