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I was left tied outside with no food or water when my family moved away.

A good Samaritan neighbor called the county animal shelter to report my situation and the dog warden advised this person to bring the dog in and that if the owner’s showed up looking for me, he would deal with it.  I was taken to the shelter on Tuesday, January 29, and today (Saturday February 2) was my release day.

A really nice lady named Linda, from GO Boxer Rescue, came to see me on Wednesday.  She is something called an Intake Coordinator, so I guess she has seen A LOT!  All she could say when she saw me was OMG, OMG, OMG.  Miss Linda showed up first thing this morning to get me.
The dog warden and Miss Linda helped me get in the car and I rode very nicely in the back of a station wagon while Miss Linda explained to me that I was on my way to meet some people she said were going to be my foster parents.  I really didn’t understand all of this, but I was really grateful to be out of that cage and in a warm comfy car.  About half way through the journey to meet my foster parents, I got into the front passenger seat and curled up there. 

Boy is it nice to feel loved and cared for.
I met my new foster mom, Brenda and made the rest of the trip sleeping peacefully with my head in her lap.
When we got to my foster home I was a little timid to meet the girls there, but they were very nice to me and welcomed me into their home.  They also explained to me that this is to be my home also while I recover and put on the weight that I so badly need.
I’ve now had a bath, half a cup of food and half a peanut butter sammich.  The girls are napping with the dad and I’m in the living room with the mom.  So far I don’t have a name, but my foster mom is working real hard on that.
Everyone is being so nice to me, I just can’t beleive it. I hope that everyone reading my story and seeing my pictures, will consider making a donation to GO Boxer Rescue to help them help as many of those Boxers that are in need of it as possible. It’s real easy, just hit the PayPal button below, or send a check or money order to :
GO Boxer Rescue Inc.
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If every single person that visits this page donates just $5 each, it will go so far to help deserving Boxers that are in need of help. Won’t you please hit that PayPal donation button, and give them a helping hand?

Note from Linda:

“I went over on Wednesday to see him and it about broke my heart.  He weighs just 37 lbs and is quite a big boxer boy so really should weigh about 75 lbs.  Right now, he really has no personality.  I think it is taking all his energy just to stay alive.  But I’m sure as soon as he begins to regain some strength and feels better he will become the boxer he was meant to be.”

Note from Brenda:

“He is very sweet and even knows a couple of commands.  He does “come” real well, and does know what “no” means.”

Hi everyone. Otto Moby Gordon here with an update.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know I’ve been pretty busy. Sorry I scared everybody with that emergency trip to the vet. I scared myself too. But after a few days with my foster mom, I realized I was loved after all, so when this happened, I was pretty determined to make it through this little hiccup and get back to my cozy new bed where I could be fed and loved and cuddled.
The people at the vet filled me with fluids because as it turns out, I was dehydrated. They also did lots of tests, and found some things weren’t working as well as they should. But it’s no wonder considering how long I’d been left tied up without food, water, or love.
So we’re all hoping that once I gain a little more weight my body will get back to it’s regular old self. I’ve already gained 4 pounds, all since being at the vet, so I am on my way. (And those peanut butter sandwiches and a trip or two to Arby’s don’t hurt either.)
I love it here at my foster home with my new foster sisters and foster dad and mom. She loves me a lot and says I am just a great dog. At first I was pretty weak, but I’ve already gained strength. Everybody here is so nice and they say I’m nice too. I am a real gentleman, like when I wait patiently for my turn for food and treats. They say that shows how amazing I am. Even though I’ve been starving, I haven’t forgotten my manners when it comes to food! And I just love my foster mom. I follow her everywhere. Sometimes she says she has to check her pockets to see if she’s carrying bacon.
Well, I think I’ll get back to my napping place. My mom sometimes puts my bed where I can get lots of sunshine while I nap or “snoopervise” her while she’s tackling her new kitchen flooring project. I love the soft bed and the warm sun on my body almost as much as I love being part of a this family. Thanks everybody for all the love and support you’ve sent my way. I hardly remember the people who left me tied up because my new life is looking so good and I’m excited to see what the future holds with a family who will love and take good care of me.  And thank you for all those donations. Without them, saving me and dogs like me would not be possible.

Sunday, Febuary 17, 2013

Well, after such a great week, Otto Moby Gordon has had another setback. He started throwing up last night and has been throwing up/dry heaving all day. Although he is not in the dire condition he was last Sunday, he is back at the vet again tonight for another IV of fluids and more tests. There is a chance that this is a reaction to the antibiotics, but we just don’t know if there is a more serious cause to these relapses. Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, Febuary 18, 2013

We are heartbroken to report that Otto Moby Gordon went to the bridge this afternoon. He went peacefully surrounded with love from his foster parents.

He did not respond to the IV fluids like he did last time. Blood tests showed that his liver was failing. This could have been a pre-existing condition, we will never know. Even in is weakened condition he got up when his foster parents came in the room.

He passed with the love and respect he deserved. Run pain free sweet Otto, you will be missed.
Everyone tried so hard to help this boy get better. It wasn’t just us in GOBR, people all over the world, yes world, donated funds and sent prayers and Boxer healing vibes Otto’s way, but it just wasn’t enough to bring him through what had been done before he came to us in GOBR.

Otto knew he was loved dearly, even by those he never met. For that he and all of us in GOBR are eternally grateful.