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Mickey Rooney

Hi! My name is Mickey Rooney. I know – quite a name for such a little guy, but once you meet me you will see I have a big heart to go with my big name. I had a pretty rough life for such a young boy. After all, I’m only two years old. My previous owners kept me outside in a small kennel with no shelter, food, or water, so I only weighed 47 pounds. But luckily, some nice ladies came along and rescued me from that cold and lonely place.

The majority of the car ride to my new home I licked my foster mom’s face so she knew how happy I was to go with her! My foster parents think I’m a handsome boy and smart as a whip! I now have two human kids to play with as well as two furry foster sisters.
I was so hungry before that I now have to be reminded to slow down while I’m eating and I don’t like the other dogs coming too close when food is out. But I let Mom and Dad love on me while I’m eating and it doesn’t bother me at all. I take my treats easily, even from my new kids, and I love all their attention.
There are many new things I’m learning in my new foster home –  like going “potty” outside and sleeping in my very own crate. Mom says I’m doing great and I haven’t had any accidents in almost a week! I love snuggling in the warm house with my family. Mom and Dad even let me snuggle with them in bed for a little while one morning. I am a very laid back kind of guy and just love all the attention I can get! I also like going on walks in the tall grass trail and I’m beginning to learn how to properly walk on a leash. I still like to pull, but Mom says I will get it soon cause I’m so smart and so willing to please my people. I get to hang out with Dad in the shop and welcome all visitors in that wiggly boxer way. I like meeting new people and am learning to behave like a gentleman when I greet them.
Oh, and I should tell you – a couple days after getting here, my foster mom took me to the vet   to make sure that, aside from the obvious problems with my eye and lack of nourishment, I’m a healthy boy. Well, the “cherry eye” is not uncommon and is something the vet can fix at the same time I’m getting neutered, so that’s good news. The other good news is that I’m  heartworm negative.. My foster mom was really relieved to hear that news! So the vet says it’s all good stuff, no surprises. I heard him tell my foster mom that once I get plumped up, I am going to make somebody a great dog. Believe me, I’m doing my share making sure that happens.
Ok it’s time for a walk now but I will keep you posted on all these new things I’m learning, not to mention the weight I’m gaining. I’ll be ready to go to a forever home before too long and I hear there’ll probably be a lot of people wanting to make me part of their family. So if you want to bring me home with you, you’d better fill out an application today and ask for me by name.

Thursday, Febuary 28, 2013

Hi all, I got to see the vet man again today. I now weight in at 54lbs! That’s great considering just 2 weeks ago I was only 47lbs. I got my vaccinations and some medicine for a yeast infection in my ears. And I know they were concerned about some patches on his skin but luckily it was just from the poor living conditions that I was in and not mange.
My Foster mom noticed that I had been walking into a few things, like I didn’t even see them. I do have a visual impairment but I need to see a specialist. Something was said about both of my retinas not looking “right”, whatever that means. So my foster mom say’s I am going to have to see a veterinary ophthalmologist. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes, when I get to see this Ophthalmologist person. In the mean time, it would be really great if you could help GOBR with some of my vet bills by sponsoring me. It’s really easy just follow the “Sponsor Me” link.