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Boxer Puppy wiggles and slurps to all.
My name is Brondy Blue.
Yep that is Brondy with an “N”.

Boy I just can’t believe it. A little bitty baby puppy like me and I here I have 2 pages already.

Here I am in my brand new foster home with my brand new foster family.  I just can’t believe all of the wonderful treatment that I am getting from so many nice people.  My foster mom says that I am settling in very well.  And I’m making friends with everyone here.

First I would like to introduce you to my new family.

That’s my new foster sister holding me, yea someone cut her head off. Her name is Lily. I like her, and I’m sure I’m gonna like having a big sister.
This is my foster brother, his name is Max. I’ve heard things about brothers. But I am positive this one is a keeper. He is really good to me, he held me so I could show off my new sweater for the camera.
That’s my foster mom holding me, I don’t know why they keep cutting peoples head off. Moms are good things, she is real nice, I feel so safe with her.
That’s my foster mom holding me, I don’t know why they keep cutting peoples head off. Moms are good things, she is real nice, I feel so safe with her.
And this is my foster dad. He is the one that met Sharla and me and then brought me home with him.

That’s Kismet introducing himself. (Left)

And that one is Loki, he just couldn’t wait to meet me. (right)

Now that I have introduced everyone, my foster mom is going to take over and tell us all the story of how I got my name.

Hey mom, it’s your turn.

The funny thing is, I said yes to fostering you before I saw that little face. And you know what? However cute you are in the pictures is nothing compared to how cute you are in real life. For my other fosters I hemmed and hawed over names, but you were Brondy Blue as soon as I saw that face. Brondy is short for Bronwyn – that is Lily’s middle name and a character in my favorite book. It’s Welsh. Nobody in my family is from Wales, but I love the name and love the character in the book. Blue is my mom’s maiden name, which I have always, always loved, so I gave it to my son as a middle name, then passed it along once again to you. So there are all sorts of good, pawsitive things tied into that name – my children, my mother, and a beautiful character from a beautiful book (How Green Was My Valley, in case anybody is wondering). How’s that for special?

Shhhhh … Brondy is napping now so I’ll sign off for her, and we will all be sure to keep you updated on her progress.

At this time GOBR must close the Applications for Brondy. No further applications for her will be accepted at this time. We will continue to accept applications for any other dog, or for anyone wanting to get this part of the adoption process out of the way so that they will be first on the list when their perfect family member is found.

Hi everybody.  Brondy here with a little update.

Things are going great here at my foster home.  I’m healing well and off all my medication, eating like a big girl, and learning all sorts of new things.  For instance, when I first got here I had no idea what a crate was and I didn’t like it at all.  But I’m beginning to like it and don’t bark and howl like I used to.  I’m also sitting like a real lady when my foster mom is getting my food.  We’re working on the stay part, but there’s plenty of time for that.  Don’t tell them, but my foster mom thinks I’m actually smarter than my brothers.

Speaking of foster brothers, I’m really getting to know mine pretty well.  The old guy here isn’t always in the mood to play, but the other guy, who’s still a puppy, is always in the mood and we have a great time together.  We play tug-of-war, wrestle, or sometimes just lie on our backs next to one another and  do the boxer wiggle.  He’s pretty good about being gentle with me, too.  He’s got really big paws!  But I’m tougher than I look and he doesn’t intimidate me at all.

It’s still cold here,  but we’re working hard on the potty training.  I have some sweaters to wear so that helps a lot, but mostly, I’d rather come inside where its warm.  But I’m already learning that once I get down to business, I can go back inside, so I’m coming along.
I love all my humans here, but I have to admit, Max is my favorite.  He’ll snuggle or play, whichever I’m in the mood for.  He lets me crawl all over him and thinks it’s pretty funny.  He calls me Princess because I am one.  My foster dad tries to spoil me, too.  But my foster mom scolds them both and tells them it’s not good for me to be spoiled, so I can’t stay on their laps as long as I’d like.
My foster brothers are a different story.  When I first came here I wasn’t too interested in snuggling with  them since I wasn’t use to having boxer siblings.  But now I see they’re pretty nice.  I try to crawl on top of them, but they don’t really like that.  So I’m learning just to cuddle with them instead.
Well, thanks for reading about me and being interested in my story.  As you can see,  I’m a happy, spunky little girl, full of boxer wiggles and looking forward to when I’ll be ready to go to my forever home.

Wednesday, Febuary 20, 2013

Hi everybody! Princess here with my last official update as a GOBR pup. I can’t believe it’s already been a few weeks since I came to my foster home. I’ve had lots of love and I’ve healed well and have gained weight, so it’s time for me to go to my forever family now. I know my foster mom is sad and people keep asking her how she can say goodbye to such a cute thing like me. But she says between knowing that I’m going to a great family as well as leaving room in her home for another boxer that will need a warm place on the way to a forever home, it’s easier than you’d think.
So today is it – the BIG day. Before we left, my human foster brother gave me one last warm compress where my little belly was stitched up and a little snuggle. Then we got in the car and headed north. We didn’t have to drive too far, but it was snowy and cold, so I was dressed in my best cashmere to meet my family.
My new dad looked really happy to meet me and I gave him some authentic boxer wiggles,  cause I was happy too! And as you may have noticed, I am now Princess. My foster family was always calling me that anyway, so it seems very natural to me already. Tonight I will be staying the night in a real home where I’ll be loved by my furever family. I’ll not only have 3 human brothers, but a big boxer brother as well. My new family already knows how special boxers are, so I can’t wait.
So thank you everybody for all your love and support. It was pretty scary there for a little while, but I feel so lucky to have so many people who cared enough to make sure I am able to grow up to be the wonderful dog I was meant to be.