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Boxer Puppy wiggles and slurps to all.
My name is Brondy Blue.
Yep that is Brondy with an “N”.

GO Boxer Rescue was contacted when my owners took me to the vet because I was throwing up. The vet thought that I probably had a blockage from a pillow that I had eaten between a week and two weeks earlier.  It was decided that I would be given some IV fluids and such but the vet didn’t feel that it would help much.  And if it was a blockage the IV would not be enough to save my life.

My owners hadn’t even named me yet and were unable or unwilling to pay for the tests and the surgery that I probably needed to have ASAP (immediately) to save my young life.  But my owners were kind enough and cared enough about me to surrender me to GOBR so that I could get all that I needed to help me become a happy and healthy Boxer pup once again.

I am a little girl only 11 weeks old and weigh just 9 pounds.  You see I also had round worms which sapped what nutrition I was able to get into me in my compromised condition.  Between the fact that I had those wormies, plus the food I ate was coming back up I was eating like I was starving to death, which is exactly what was happening to me.

Now about the obstruction.  I’ll let some adult tell you all about it, this really is a lot of work for a little puppy like me.
As it turns out, Brondy Blue, did have an obstruction.  Most of the obstructing material was stringy type fibers – most likely fiberfill that pillows are stuffed with.  It was in the lower part of my stomach & Pyloric Antrum. However some had gone on through the Pylorus and Duodenum and into the small intestine.  It had wadded up at the top of the small intestines and burst through the wall of the small intestine making a small tear.  So she had to have two incisions, one into her lower stomach and one into her small intestine.  The vet was able to suture the small intestine back as it was all still nice and pink (healthy looking) so she didn’t have to loose any of her intestines.

If you want to see a diagram of the parts I mentioned above you can see a good diagram Here.

Now everyone waits for Brondy Blue to come out of the anesthesia and eat small amounts of food often at first.  She needs to be eating good and having bowel movements before she can go home with her new Foster Mom for her recovery.

We will keep everyone posted on how Brondy Blue is doing. In the mean time her vet bills are quickly adding up.  Please consider helping her and other Boxers in need by making a donation to GOBR.  You can use the PayPal button below or send a check or money order to:
GO Boxer Rescue Inc.
P.O. Box 621
Dayton, Ohio 45405-0621

Friday, Febuary 1, 2013

Brondy Blue and Dr. B. Vet/Surgeon
Brondy Blue and Terri

Brondy Blue is coming home tomorrow! Stay tuned

Saturday, Febuary 2, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Here I sit in this crate, I can hear the 2 leggers talking, they say I’m going home today. I want everyone to notice that I am being a very good little girl just sitting here waiting patiently.

I’m not to sure what is going on, I heard that I am going home, but I am still looking through these bars.
Where’s my ride?
I gotta check out the wheels! It is finally true, I’m out of there. Being a Boxer puppy I am always up for an adventure.  I’m not real sure where I am headed but everybody is so nice to me, I’m totally up for this.

I am totally ready for all of this. Sharla, the nice lady that is driving says that she is taking me about half way to my new home. When we get to there, we will be meeting my new foster Dad, and I will be going on to my new foster home with him. In the mean time, I would like to thank all of my fans that are following my story, and also all of the great people that have been so nice to me, and worked so hard to save my life.

I would also like to ask that all my fans and friends consider making a donation to GO Boxer Rescue to help with my vet bills. The bill was expensive, but the kind people at GOBR saw to it that I got exactly what I needed to safe my life. And they need your help to continue helping other Boxers in need. If every single person that visits this page donates just $5 each, it will go so far to help deserving Boxers that are in need of help. Won’t you please hit that PayPal donation button, and give us a helping hand?