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How to Stop Barking in a Crate


Most pet owners will need to learn how to stop their dog from barking in a crate at some stage, particularly if a new puppy joins the household. There are many reasons for crating dogs, including: Potty training. Security when your dog is left unattended. Air travel. Transportation in the car. Containment for trips to … Read more

How to Crate Train an OIder Dog


While you might typically associate crate training with puppies, there are many reasons why you may need to learn how to crate train an older dog. A dog crate is the safest method of transporting your doggie when you’re driving. If you want to take Rover with you on a flight, a dog crate is … Read more

What Size Crate for My Dog?


Everyone needs their own sanctuary, somewhere that they can rest and recharge their batteries. This includes animals as well as humans. If you are reluctant to introduce your new dog to a crate, it is worth keeping in mind that dogs have an innate instinct to hunker down in a den, so investing in one … Read more

Why Does My Dog Cough After Drinking Water?


Dogs, like humans, reflexively cough whenever their airway is irritated. When dogs cough, this enables them to purge any contaminants that have traveled into the respiratory tract. Coughing will help your dog to keep his breathing passages clear of any potentially hazardous blockages. How about when you notice your furball coughing directly after he has … Read more

Are Bears Related to Dogs? and Which Dog Breeds Look Most Like Bears?


Dogs and bears share many of the same physical traits, including: Sharp teeth. Thick and fuzzy coats. Pointy snouts. Non-retractable claws. Although dogs are not directly related to bears, both furry beasts have ancient common ancestors, dating back 55 million years. Today’s guide explores this relationship. Are Bears Related to Dogs? The first thing to … Read more