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Will In-Ground Electric Dog Fences Harm Small Dogs?


If you are a pet parent looking to invest in an in-ground electric dog fence, you may be concerned about safety. Today’s guide explores whether it is safe to use an in-ground fence for small dogs. We will also explain what these containment systems do, and addresses the issue of whether or not electric dog fences … Read more

How Do In-Ground Dog Fences Work?


Dog owners with outside spaces at home need to ensure that their furballs are safely contained. There are many sound reasons for using a pet containment system, including: Leash laws Housing covenants Health and reproductive issues Preventing incidents with cars, pedestrians, or animals Neighborly courtesy Preventing dognapping You have many options for containing your dog … Read more

Can You Keep the In-Ground Transmitter for Electric Dog Fences Above Ground?


Invisible dog fences go by many names, including: Electric dog fences In-ground dog fences Underground dog fences Whatever you choose to call these containment systems, they consist of the following components: Transmitter box Boundary wire Electronic collar You install the transmitter box in your house or garage, or in an outbuilding. The transmitter plugs into … Read more

How to Bury an In-Ground Dog Fence


Dog owners with yards need to consider some method of preventing their hound from breaching the boundaries. There are many different solutions to this problem, and one of the most cost-effective and efficient of these is an in-ground dog fence. Also known as underground dog fences or invisible dog fences, this type of barrier will … Read more

How to Install in Ground Dog Fence


If you want to give your furball lots of freedom to roam in the yard while still ensuring that he remains safe and secure, an in-ground dog fence might be the ideal solution. In-ground fences are also known as underground fences. This type of fence is relatively affordable, easy and economical enough to install if … Read more

When Can You Put a Bark Collar on a Puppy?


Bark collars go by many names, including: No-bark collars Anti-bark collars Training collars When can you put a bark collar on a puppy, then? And is it safe to do so? Today’s guide will clear up any confusion. What is a Bark Collar? Bark collars are devices that you place around your dog’s neck which … Read more

How Tight Should a Bark Collar Be?


Bark collars, also known as no-bark collars, anti-bark collars, or training collars are one potential tool you can use when training your dog not to bark excessively. If you’re a first-time pet parent, you may have no idea how tightly you need to fit one of these collars. Today’s guide will clear up any confusion. … Read more

How to Use a Bark Collar Effectively


It might seem like one of the easiest jobs as a pet owner to choose the right training collar for your dog, but learning how to train a dog with a bark collar effectively is something that requires a little planning and forethought. Today’s guide highlights the various different types of training collar so you … Read more

How Does a Bark Collar Work?


No-bark dog collars are also known as anti-bark collars, bark collars, or training collars. His type of collar is designed for a single purpose: controlling a dog’s barking, whether they are barking in a crate, barking when left unattended during the day, or barking overnight. These collars work differently depending on the type of collar … Read more

How to Train a Dog with a Training Collar


Today’s guide explores how to train a dog with a training collar, whether to address excessive canine barking or for other training needs. Before we walk you through how to use a training collar like a pro, a snapshot of the various types of collars at your disposal. What Are the Different Types of Training … Read more

How Long Can You Leave a Dog in a Crate?


Crates are widely utilized in the United States by dog owners for many reasons. A crate offers a solid method of housetraining your dog. Dogs are resistant to soiling their own spaces, so you should find that crating Rover helps him to learn when he needs to go outside to do his business. Some pet … Read more