My Tribute to OMG

I lie here awake unable to sleep
After crying tears that would not keep
It is your precious face that I see
I keep wondering why did it have to be
As I lie here cuddling my three Tootsie, Drake & Boomer
I wonder if it would have made a difference if we found you sooner
A second, minute, hour or a day
Would it had changed things anyway
Chained abandoned starved and alone
Been thru things no dog should have known
You were safe and on your way
To a better life as we say
Into the grandest foster home warm, clean, fed even a bed of your own
More love than you had ever known
Oh how we all prayed you would pull thru
We did everything that we could for you
Things the previous people should have done
Wish this was a battle that we could have won
Somehow it wasn't enough
That is why rescue work is so tough
So across the rainbow bridge you go
Around the world candles are aglow
While many people pray
Hoping that you find your way
Wishing that this didn't have to be
Please do something for me
Look up Casey, Maverick & Sugs
They will welcome you with love & hugs

Pam Davis